Thursday, June 1, 2017

What Happened to May?

Wow! I really can't believe how fast we went through the month of May! If your days are anything like mine, you definitely can relate to not having enough time in the day! Life is flying by entirely too fast!

I want to give you all an update on what I've been doing lately (other than sewing that is!).  I recently became the co-host on a live internet show called "That Sewing Blab". It's a great show where the Host (Dawn Pengelly) and I interview individuals from our Sewing community.  It's truly a lot of fun and the viewers who are watching can comment and ask questions or get to come on live to ask their questions of the person being interviewed as well! 
If you've not seen or heard of the show before, there are two ways in which to watch. You can come on the live show played on every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST. Just follow That Sewing Blab Facebook page where you will find a link to the new show every Tuesday. (To view the live stream, you have to download Crowdcast on your computer or your device first!) If you aren't able to view the live stream, replays are always available both on Crowdcast and YouTube after the show. I have linked both in this post and in the sidebar for your convenience.  If you get a chance, check out some of the replays and hope to see you live!

Also, for the month of May, we (That Sewing Blab) sponsored a "Pin It Sew It" event on That Sewing Blab.  Anyone could enter for a chance to win one of two prizes. (Ended yesterday, May 31st) All you had to do, was find an inspiration on Pinterest and sew it!  Both I and the host created our Pinterest inspired projects (but of course we are not eligible to win prizes, LOL!) ours were purely for inspiration to others!  The inspiration I selected  from Pinterest is below and how I decided to re-create it.  This was truly a fun project!  


I know these types of tops are normally re-created  from "men's shirts", but I wanted mine to be more fitted to my body, so I started McCall's 2353. 
I followed the directions to make the shirt, minus the collar band and the collar.  I also, created a longer than normal cuff for the sleeve, which ended up 4 inches longer. Then I measured 3 inches down from the top of the neckline and made a level line from shoulder to shoulder at this measurement.  (I'm so sorry everyone, I didn't take pictures of it! If I remake it and I just may, I will take pictures of it at that time).  I cut across this line, removing the top half of the shirt. Then I created a channel for the elastic which I inserted from sleeve to sleeve across the back only. (I wanted the front to remain flat)

Other than that, to make mine different from Pinterest inspiration, I added a contrasting button panel.  The fabric I used is a beautiful Black and White striped, 100% Italian cotton I purchased from Pennie Fabrics. The contrasting black fabric is a rayon challis from my stash purchased quite a while ago from Michael Levine Fabrics.  I also added white buttons to contrast against the black button panel and I think the look turned out pretty good!


I truly love how the inspiration turned out and I just may make it again! (Maybe as a dress this time!)


I hope you all had a wonderful May and I'm looking forward to a nice warm summer filled with lots of sewing!

Have any of you gone on Pinterest to look for inspirations for your projects?

Happy Sewing!