Thursday, October 26, 2017

My First Anorak Jacket

Hello and what’s up folks!  I have been busy working on a few items and it’s so nice to have my “Sewjo” back!  Things are always wonderful when I can sew!  This is going to be a post to tell you about little jacket I just completed.  It should have been done a couple of months ago for my vacation...better late than never, as they say!  Either way, it’s just in time for the cooler weather here (if we get any cool weather!).  My project is the popular Closet Case Kelly Anorak jacket (and my very first Anorak jacket too!).  After I saw a gorgeous jacket done by the lovely Ms. Anita from the blog “Anita By Design”, I knew I had to have one!  Her’s was so stylish!  If you’ve not seen Anita’s, you should check it out here.

I purchased this really pretty (in my opinion) camouflage stretch Denim.  Of course, it came from one of my favorite fabric stores...Michael Levine and you can purchase it here if you like it too.  

The pattern has great and very detailed instructions.  As long as you follow them, you’ll be just fine.  The instructions do not include lining, so I opted not to this line mine either.  However, you can follow the instructions on the Closet Case blog to “interline” your jacket.  I live in Florida and it hardly ever gets that cold here. I also decided to make mine a little larger than my normal size 10 and opted for size 12 so in the event it did get cold here, I can throw on a long sleeve sweater or tee and it would fit under the jacket.  Beside, I just like the “oversized” look on me too. 

If you ask me, Closet Case did an awesome job on the styling and instruction with this pattern!  It took me a little while to complete (a few hours over 3 days), but I definitely see myself making another very with some different styling of my own! (Wink, wink!).  Regarding changes, I only made two...there were purely cosmetic for my liking.  One, I lowered the standup collar by 1”, because my neck isn’t that tall and the second was to add a “snap” to the back flap because I love the look!

So if you like this style of jacket, I would highly recommend this pattern!  I definitely plan on making another version for myself!  If you’d like to here more about this jacket, it will be posted on my YouTube channel (link in the right navigation bar).

Thanks again for stopping by my little portion of the sewing world, it’s greatly appreciated!


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cute Top, w/ modifications!

Summer has gone and in some areas leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors.  Not the case in my is still warm and sunshiny!  It’s so hard not to work on summer attire when it’s this warm!  I really didn’t get much sewing done during the summer, so as long as it’s still warm, why not?!!

This post is about a cute top I was inspired to create after seeing a similar version on YouTube.  I truly fell in love with this adorable little top!  It was pretty easy to recreate too...I started with McCalls 2158.

I used version B and only needed three pattern pieces. Back, front and sleeve.  I modified the top as shown below and I shortened the body pieces to accommodate the shorter length of the overall top.  
I know there are so many other patterns for this “off the shoulder” style, but I really like challenging myself and it was extremely quick to make!  Either way, it worked and I truly love this cute little top!

I know I’ll have a few more occasions to wear this top before packing it away for next year!  There was only one thing I noticed that bothered me while wearing...the elastic on the shoulders tended to roll to the inside.  That was from me having to pull the top down whenever I raised my arms!! I will definitely figure out a solution for the next one...and there will be another!

How do you challenge yourself with projects you’re working on?  I’d love to hear about your processes!!

Happy Sewing!