Friday, April 20, 2018

A New White Summer Top

Boy oh boy is life going by too fast or is it just me? It seems like I blink an eye and weeks have gone by!  At least I’m being productive and getting some sewing in too! 

I’ve completed my third entry to the #Make92018 challenge.  It started with this image I saw in a magazine and has been residing on my inspiration board for sometime now...
I am so very happy I was able to finally make it come to life! Let’s start with the white top… I chose Vogue pattern 1440. 
The fabric is a white cotton stretch twill (light weight) that I purchased at Joanne fabrics last year.  The only change I made to the pattern was to add ties in the side seams. However, after completing the top, I realized it was a little to “A-line” and I should have altered that. That’s OK, it’ll do for this top because I so love the design of the back! Also, the collar and the collar stand both are a little too high (tall) and if I ever make this pattern again, I will shorten both.  Overall, it worked out OK for this particular vision...
For the bottoms, I purchased fabric from L.A Finch fabrics (This was my first  purchase from them and I like it!) I used my favorite TNT for a pair of leggings, KWIK Sew 3770   I can whip these leggings together in a couple hours and have hacked the waistband to give it that “yoga style” look I love so much!
Together these pieces turned out exactly the way I wanted them and now I have a new casual outfit! 
Faye of “Faye’s Sewing Adventure“ has a #2018TopsThatPop challenge and I plan on entering this top into that challenge!
Are you planning on joining Faye’s challenge? I hope so! She has a lot of inspiration for tops happening over on her blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Happy Sewing!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Wadder Avoided!

We’re almost to the end of March and my list of things to do are still growing faster than I can get them done! I hope you’re all not in the same boat!  But I am determined to make it through all of my sewing goals this year!

For those of you who prefer to read my blog and don’t follow me on my new YouTube channel, you may not be aware I joined the “#MakeNine2018” challenge and discussed  the nine items I want to make for the year. (Of course if you’re a long time reader of my blog, you know there will be more than these nine!)...
I’ve already started and made two of my “Make Nine” and currently working on the third.  I’ll talk more about that later...right now, I want to discuss my major save!

On my last post, I showed you a muslin of my “Night Dress” that worked out pretty good (wearable in pink) but the actual project fabric was to heavy for the design and didn’t fair out as well. 

Too tight on shoulder due to the cording Looks like a v-neck!
I self drafted the top (draped on Sally, my dressform) and I didn’t want to discard it, (you can read more about it here or view it on my YouTube video here).  For the pants, I used my TNT legging pattern, Kwik Sew 3770 and hacked it adding a wider waistband, widen the leg width below the knees and added patch pockets. All the changes created this lovely leisure/sweat suit...
I really like how it turned out and so happy I made separates because both pieces can be worn together, or with other pieces...

These cute pieces are going to get a lot of wear and I’m so happy I decided to save the top! The moral of this never know what you’ll get by trying and trying again! Wadder avoided!

It’s back to the rest of my “Make Nine “ projects now...I have a new wardrobe to create!

So, what’s on your sewing table now? Are you joining any sewing challenges this year?


Thursday, March 1, 2018

#DayandNightDressChallenge Reveal

Hello all! Again here we are at the beginning of another month, this year is flying by already!

On my last post, I informed you that I was invited to be a feature blogger in the #DayAndNightDressChallenge.  
Yesterday was my reveal day and I got to show the two dresses I made for the challenge. First, I want say a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth from for coordinating this wonderful event and supplying free fabric for the featured bloggers and vloggers in this event!


For my day dress (coffee with a friend), I used a teal Rayon Jersey knit and a teal Ruffle Poly Rayon knit from Stylish Fabric (Supplied free for featured bloggers and vloggers).  The fabric was so soft and easy to work with and because of this, the dress turned out absolutely beautiful! I had no issues with this pattern at all!  The instructions were very detailed, clear and concise!
The only problem I ran into had nothing to do with the pattern… As you can see on the picture above, The ruffle fabric is see-through! So I needed to create a slip to wear with this dress. Something light because I didn’t want to line it and make it heavier. I grabbed my TNT pattern for camisoles which is the Iconic Sammy Cami and made the slip from a black rayon jersey knit out of my stash.  The great thing about this slip is I can wear it with other dresses if needed or I can wear it alone as a slip dress!
It helped and now I have a beautiful dress that fits me nicely I can wear anytime!
Stylish Fabric also gave me a 25% off Discount Code “406Teal” for all my viewers on the beautiful Teal Rayon Jersey knit in the above photos (the ruffle fabric is no longer available)


For this dress, I had something specific in mind…so I set out to drape something on my dress form, “ Sally“.  I did it and created a muslin first which turned out really to be a “wearable“ muslin!
For my project fabric I decided to use a heathered gray, medium weight, rib knit and I decided to make it a two piece dress (top and skirt).  Thank goodness I started with the top first, because it didn’t work out like I wanted it to!  First, the fabric was too heavy for the style. Second, I wanted to add a knit cording between the shoulder band and the bodice.  I created the cording myself using an elastic cord and some of the leftover black rayon knit I used for the slip above.   Either way it was a bust!
However, I’m not going to trash it…I believe I can salvage and my plan is to make it a sweatsuit. So stay tuned for that!

Then it was back to my stash where I found this beautiful wine colored wool jersey knit. It’s been in my stash for a couple of years. I purchased it from my favorite local fabric store “Pennies“ in Sarasota.  The fabric has one inch horizontal fabric strips combined with a half inch sheer mesh strip of the same wine color. Truly beautiful and I knew as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I had found a wonderful use for it!  Since I had already fitted my drafted pattern, I knew it work with this fabric and quickly put it together.  Fortunately, just as with my coffee dress, when I snapped this picture I saw it was a little too sheer for my liking!
Unfortunately, there was nothing in my stash I could use as lining for this dress. Particularly because I wanted something in a lighter color that would show the stripes in the fabric. So I was off to my local Joanne where I found a peach color “Jetset“ which is a lightweight polyester type knit that works perfectly for my dress!
All in all, this was a wonderful challenge (and challenged me too). I am so happy I was invited to be among all of the talented  bloggers and vloggers featured in this challenge!  To see the others dresses, you can head over to or follow the #DayAndNightDressChallenge on Instagram.

This challenge was open to all who wanted to join and ends on March 5. So tell me…did you join the challenge?

Monday, January 22, 2018

The “Day and “Night” Dress Challenge 2018

I had a question posed to be a few weeks ago...

    Question: ”I’ve invited you to be a featured blogger/vlogger in the “Day and Night Dress 2018” challenge. I’d love for you to be a part of it if you can!

    My response should have been HECK YEA!! (With no hesitation!). However, silly me was more interested (at that time) in what were the rules, schedules and such! Well, once I took a look at the 2017 challenge, I knew this was a HUGE honor to be included with other very talented sewing bloggers/vloggers! (I digress! That’s what I get for not being in the know!).  So now I am introducing to you, the Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018! (Pop over and take a quick look at all the featured blogger/vloggers!)
There are quite a few sponsors with great prizes! And yes you to have an opportunity to participate in the challenge! Here are the rules:

  1. Sew two you’d wear with a friend for coffee and one you’d wear with a friend for cocktails!
  2. Let others know about it by using the #dayandnightdresschallenge on Twitter and Instagram.  Then follow the Day and Night Dress Challenge Facebook Group
  3. Keep reading the Elizabeth Made This blog for updates and follow her on Instagram and Facebook
  4. Post a picture of your day look (coffee) and your night look (cocktail) to Instagram and Facebook to enter yourself. Don’t forget to tag @elizabethmadethis and use the #dayandnightdresschallenge.
  5. Grab the graphic (above) and post it on your site and/or repost on Instagram.
That’s it!  I would love to see some of you who I enjoy watching and commenting on participate in this challenge! (You know who you are! LOL!) I’m really excited and hope I have inspired you!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

McCalls 7886, A Top and PJs (Get some tea...A long post!)

OMG! It was truly a wonderful feeling to find out a new hobby lobby opens up in my area!  I went inside just to snoop around and see if there were any fabrics or patterns and to my happiness…Yes!  I found the patterns were on sale for $1.99 and the fabric was on sale as well. So I ended up getting one pattern and one piece of fabric. (I didn’t have much time because I hadn’t planned on shopping at the fabric store)

What did I get? This absolutely gorgeous rayon jersey, black with pink roses!
I also picked up this McCall’s pattern 7686. Now I have to tell you, for some reason I have really taken a liking to the off shoulder look of last season.  I’ve already made three tops and or dresses with this look (one of them being my little maids costume from the previous post).
I can’t tell you how much I really like this cute little top and while I know some of you are donning heavy sweaters due to the winter season (sorry!), here in Florida it’s not too bad and I can still wear it.
  I really didn’t make any alterations to the pattern because it fit me very well. I made one adjustment and that was purely because I like my tops a little longer...I lenthened the top by 3 inches.  It was also SUPER quick to make and with only 3 pattern pieces, it took me approximately two hours to make. 

I will definitely be making this top again!

I would highly recommend this pattern if you like this particular style!

Next up, my PJs! I use them for loungewear as well and really didn’t have many pairs of nice PJs I could wear in front of company so I’m setting out to make more...and after these to pairs, I’ll definitely be making more!

I used the same pattern for the bottoms of both pair of PJs. It was the pattern Simplicity 8212:

For the first pair, I used the “Itch to Stitch” Arenal Top pattern. I’ve used this pattern before to create another top and really liked the “high/lo” hem version...I used the straight hem version for this pair of PJs.  
Both fabrics were from Knitpop...I won an auction last year and these two pieces were included. The varigated (grey & white) fabric is soooooo soft! I truly don’t profess to know all there is to know about fabric, but I think this may be something called “double brushed” polyester knit (dbp). It has a 2-way stretch and the dark grey is a “ribbed” knit.  I really love these PJs. 

For the second pair, I used the Simplicity 8435 pattern. This my first time using this pattern and it turned out really nice! I love the instructions in this pattern!  I’ve never made a button placket like this before, but didn’t have to worry because the instructions were AWESOME!
I altered this “bodysuit” to a shorty top and truly loved how it turned out!  Again, this fabric was from the Knitpop auction and is also a 2-way stretch knit with a “waffle” type pattern.  I used a black knit from my stash as contrast fo the neckband and button placket and ditched the buttons for pearl snaps...LOVE IT!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I totally look forward to bringing you lots more this year! I pray you all are having a great start to this brand new year!