Thursday, January 4, 2018

A French Maid...

Hello and Happy New year everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends...and now you’re ready to start a whole new year, I know I am! But before I get to move on to the new year, I have one last piece I’d like to share with you that came in right at the end of 2017!

This quick little project started when my husband and I received an invitation to a New Year’s eve “Murder Mystery” dinner fun we thought and graciously excepted!  Everyone was given characters via email so they could prepare...nice! My husband’s character was  “Reverend Will Be Done“ and I, was “Cinders“ the French maid. Since I had never been to a costume party in my entire life I was giddy with enthusiasm! So I quickly wanted to make a costume for myself!

I thought in my head what a French maid looks like and Googled a few photos. Then set out to create something which was really easy once I found a pattern to match what I had in my head, LOL!

I started with Butterick pattern B6129 view A (red) version for the bodice...
I used one of my pencil skirt TNT slopers to create the bottom half of the dress.  My fabric was purchased at JoAnn Fabrics and is a black woven with a slight stretch to it, very lightweight and perfect for this project.

Of course what French maid would be without an apron? While I was at JoAnn fabrics, I also purchased some beautiful white fabric that had a little bit of a sheen to it as well.  Not sure of the fabric content, but after putting the apron together, I realized I should have interfaced it to make it a little stiffer. (I did interface the waistband).  I even found the perfect trim for the apron!...

I even purchased enough of the trim to use on the dress, as well as make a little maids headband too!   Let’s just say I was very satisfied with the entire look once done!

The host of the party was just as thrilled with my costume as I was! This made me feel totally awesome that I nailed my character all the way down to my fishnet stockings! LOL!  My first costume party and it was a success! My husband and I had so much fun and brought the new year in with great friends!

...and the other best thing about this costume, I can remove the white trim around the shoulder of the dress and have a brand new little black dress I can where for any occasion!

We were both filled with holiday cheer by this time! LOL!

So with this, I wish you all a very happy, fun filled, blessed and prosperous new year!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Great costume and the finishing embellishment was perfect!!

    1. Thanks Sheila! I was rushing it last minute...but I think it turned out nicely too!

  2. What a great costume! You look like you are having a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks Ruthie! It was a lot of fun! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  3. Oh my gosh so fun!! Beautifully done.


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