Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Vacation Ensemble

Thank you all so much for your very kind comments on my last post regarding my first maxi dress!  I am so glad you all encouraged me to make it and so glad I did!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

This post is about two patterns I used to complete an ensemble.  Butterick 5646 (View C, the blue one and model wearing).  I only read one review of this top on Pattern Review, interesting.  Also, Kwik Sew 3770, there were no reviews of this one on Pattern Review at all!  However, I actually saw these leggings and fell in love with them on fellow blogger Shannon's blog, Mushywear

The top:  This pattern while easy to make, takes some time to complete.  You must read the instructions to completely understand how the pleats are developed.  It's equally important to transfer markings from the pattern to your fabric, especially if you have a chiffon fabric as I did where both sides look the same!  (because of this, my pleats ended up on the opposite side...oh well!)  The fabric is a polyester chiffon from JoAnn Fabrics.  This top took me a couple days to complete (sewing when I could...not all day)  Also, the front bands (with hidden buttons, that I love!) and the sleeve bands, require interfacing.  Since my fabric is sheer, I opted for a very sheer, fusible tricot interfacing which worked perfectly.  No alterations or changes were made to the pattern, it fit perfectly right out of the envelope. Although this top takes some time to complete, I really love the end results and would highly recommend if it's your style...

The leggings:  Very, very easy and quick to make!  However, because of the ruching, they do take a little longer than traditional leggings.  The results are oooooh so much nicer though!  I used a white bamboo knit from Fabric Mart, which is perfect for the comfort of these leggings!  I can see I'll be wearing these out very quickly...so I'm really happy I knew how to sew!!  I made one alteration to the pattern which was my usual crotch adjust because I'm short-waisted.  Other than that, the pattern is perfect and I love these leggings!  They remind me of when I was a teenager, we used to wear mutiple pairs of knee high socks at once and push them down towards our ankle.  We did this to make our legs look bigger!  It was the cool thing to do back in the day!!  I'm highly recommending this pattern if you like these "very different" looking leggings.  I'm currently cutting out a pair in black too!

Sorry about the dark pictures...my DH took them without the flash on our way out to dinner with friends yesterday.  It was a rainy Labor Day and not much natural lighting and I didn't have any time for re-takes.  :(    I do love this ensemble and it will make a perfect addition to my vacation wardrobe.  Of course I test drove the wearability of this one yesterday and it passed with flying colors!  So if you like either piece, they both get "two thumbs up" from me!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Sewing!


  1. I'm loving all these tropical prints , they really make me wish I were going on holiday. You look lovely in this outfit.

  2. Looks like a very cool and lightweight outfit for humid days!

  3. You will certainly be the most stylish person where ever you are going on your vacay!

  4. What a CUTE outfit! The fabric for the top and the design itself is SO lovely. And paired with those cute leggings makes this outfit a complete winner. I must ask, what short waist crotch alteration do you normally make? Pants don't normally fit me easy without a little fussing. I still don't have the tweaking down pat. Do you shorten the rise on the pattern? Please do share your wisdom.

  5. Great outfit! I bought the top pattern because I really liked the lines. Then once I got home my mind changed quickly. I think I wanna make again. The leggings are perfect. Thanks!

  6. Myra,
    You look adorable in all of your creations! You have been a busy lady, and so creative. When does the vacation begin?

  7. Another winning vacations ensemble! I love it. I too plan to make a black pair of leggings! I bought some fabric for them when I was back in the mainland a few weeks ago. I love the ruched leggings look!

  8. Great outfit. You sew the most interesting tops and beautiful fabric. I wouldn't have thought of this one. This one is a winner too. You look great.

  9. I am in love with the leggings! They have a future in my belly dance wardrobe!


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