Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Risky Sew...

McCalls 6925, I really like this top every since I saw it on Faye's Sewing Adventure blog. She briefly mentioned she was having issues with the pattern, but was now moving on and would revisit the pattern at a later time.  I really liked the pattern she selected and decided I would give it a try too! So I held my breath and dived in!
First off, the pattern calls for lining the bodice... I decided not to.  So I had to figure a way of creating this top without the lining. That wasn't too bad! I just serged all of the opening edges, turned them under and topstitched. That worked like a charm!

However the bodice had gaping around the armholes, which was a huge problem for me! Unfortunately I didn't realize this until after I had cut out and sewn the fashion fabric. I still muddled through and successfully removed a lot of (but not all) of the gaping. Enough for me to be able to wear this top comfortably. (This was definitely a test of my patience, I had to remove a lot of top stitching!)

There is also a side zipper included in the top which I felt was needed because of the fit of the bodice. I chose to use an invisible zipper. 

I didn't use a lot of the instructions, (because of the lining) so I guessed  where I needed to.  However, what I did read of the instructions and used, was pretty clear.  I felt the sizing was pretty true to size despite the gaping armhole issue. The only other problem I ran into, was user error!  If you've read any of my other post you'll know that I don't particularly like gathering using the double basting stitch method. That's what I used this time and they were uneven and in the front of all places!  Oh well I'm going to wear it as is because I am not about to take stitches out again and redo! 
   Notice the uneven gathering on the right?
                                         I still need to add my hook & eye

This top can be worn with leggings, jeans, even shorts!  All in all, I have to say even with the issues, it was a great sew! I plan on wearing this top proudly and plan on making another!  Thanks Faye for bringing it to my attention!



  1. It's cute! So are the buttons non-functional? What method do you use for gathering?

  2. Thank you! The buttons are functional. I used the double row basting stitch to pool the gathers. Hope that helps.

  3. Kudos to you Myra. Love your top.

    1. Thanks Faye! I'm working on another one in a silk print and hope this one turns out well.

  4. Cute top, Myra! Look at the picture of the model, the front facing one. I think her top has a gaping armhole issue too! Look how her left arm is strategically posed to hold the left armhole down, and her hair is strategically posed to cover the right side. Hmmm, and is that excess fabric over the left bust/armhole area? Anyhow, you win! What is your preferred gathering method?

    1. OMG! Andrea, I didn't notice any of that! So the patternmaker already knew about the issues! That's my problem, I don't have a preferred gathering method. I need a good one that's quick and easy! Do you know of one?

  5. Very nice top, Myra. I really like that pattern.

  6. I have this pattern also and now I am motivated to get it out and sew it up. You look great in your dress!


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