Saturday, September 27, 2014

Two Successful Remakes!

First, New Look 6303...I said I would try this one again because my first attempt at this pattern, which you can see here didn't turn out so well.  I am so happy that I made the decision to try it one more time!  This one turned out so nicely, the fit is perfect and I just love the look!

I have to admit I did make quite a few changes though.  The first change was a full bust adjust of 1 inch.  This was diffcult because of the pattern piece.  If you remember from my first post, the pattern piece was very oddly shaped, like this...

It took me approximately 20 to 30 minutes to plan and figure out how I could make this full bust adjustment.  My conclusion...fold the actual pattern piece in half the way you would after it's sewn.  Then cut it on the middle crease, ultimately cutting the pattern piece in half, then make your full bust adjustments so you have two pieces that each look like this...

Afterward, I taped the pieces back together so I had one pattern piece that includes the full bust adjustments like this...


It was so worth the extra 20 to 30 minutes of planning to make it work.  Now I have a great top I can wear and I have a pattern so I can make more!  You'll noticed I also removed the pleat in the back, that was just  a preference alteration.


Now for the second remake, McCalls 6925...The first time I made this one, it worked out okay but I knew it could be better.  The changes to this patter weren't quite as extensive as the one above.  I just needed to be more careful in how I made my athers in the four of the top and shorten the back arm sync a little to remove the gaping.  Those few changes worked out perfectly and I ended up with another great top!

For this one I used a 100% Silk print I purchased at Pennie Fabrics in Sarasota Florida.  I'm reeally excited that I'll be traveling to Pennie Fabrics again in a few weeks with our sewing group!  I just love the fabrics there!  Here's a photo of the new top alongside the previous white version I made...



I guess there is something to that quote, "Patience is a Virture" after all!  It definitely worked out in my favor this time!  Now I have two new great tops that I absolutely adore!

Thank you to those of yo who told me to hang in there and give it another try.  I really appreciate your support and hope I can return the favor someday soon!

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  1. Oh my! That striped top is adorable! I'd be tempted to make several. Looks fabulous on you. :)

  2. I am glad you figured out NL 6303! The fit you achieved is spot on! It looks marvelous on you! I also like the look of the second top...your fabric choice is particularly nice. I agree that it is worth it to stick it out and tweak the fit on the garments you really like.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! It truly is worth it if not for anything else, pride! I didn't want to let those patterns beat me! LOL!

  3. Great job!!! Both tops look fantastic!!!

  4. Great makes, Myra! Thanks for sharing the info on making the FBA for NL6303.

  5. Hello Myra,
    I am so glad I ran across this post before I embark on my journey with the NewLook6303. Yours looks so much nicer with the proper changes for the FBA. Thanks for such thorough information.


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